Wholesale Handbags Program

Handbag Express sells wholesale and caters to the small boutique and alternative marketing industries and has a handbags wholesale policy to meet your needs... If you have a desire to sell handbags then that's all it takes to qualify for our wholesale handbags program. We currently service hundreds of handbag and purse vendors nation wide as well as in South America and the UK.

Our handbag wholesale program is guaranteed to be completely worry free and all products are in stock and in our warehouse. In 99.9% of most cases we ship the handbags the very same day of your order if it is received by 12:00am PST. If your order received later that 12:00am PST, your order goes out the very next day. Orders received over the weekend will be shipped the next business day, Monday in most cases, providing for holidays.

There is no minimum number of handbags to purchase and there are no taxes. If you have a desire to sell handbags that's all it takes to qualify for our no nonsense wholesale handbags program... No license, no taxes and no hassles... All it takes is a minimum order of $100.00 on each order and you're good to go wholesale!

So... if your ready to start making more why not join the Handbag Express Handbags Wholesale team and start earning more with our fine selection of quality handbags and purses.

If you have questions regarding our wholesale policies or would like additional information, you can CLICK HERE to inquire by email.

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Discount Handbags Online

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